Versatile and durable, embroidery is a popular method of customization which allows for a variety of of garments to be decorated. Our computerized embroidery machines use a digitized version of your design, which is then stitched directly onto the garment using thread, resulting in a high-quality and professional finished product. Embroidery is a popular choice for decorating clothing, hats, bags and more. There are so many options to achieve the results you need!  

For more about embroidery check out our embroidery guidelines 

Embroidery offers so many options for personalizing your gear

Embroidery: Your branding is your identity, and embroidery is one of the easiest and most-effective ways to promote your brand. Whether dress or business casual in the office, or uniforms for your staff, branded apparel promotes a professional look for your company. We can embroider your company logo or name on a variety of items ranging from shirts, hats, beanies and promotional items. There is absolutely no limitation when it comes to embroidering any kind of fabric-based item.

Appliqué and Patches: We offer many styles of patches including embroidered, leather, sublimated, and appliqué.  Embroidered patches are incredibly versatile and durable. This technique also allows for finer details than direct embroidery and can be sewn onto almost any type of fabric or garment

Inside Labels: If you’re interested in creating a garment line, consider adding a custom label or tag to your apparel. This finishing touch adds premium appeal and will take your branding to the the next level.