Know Your File Type

Adobe Illustrator (.AI): For the best results, we prefer your artwork to be a vector image. Vector images can be resized without losing any resolution or clarity. Artwork created in Adobe Illustrator should be submitted in one of the following formats: .ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg. These formats are vector, and will produce outstanding results for screen printing and embroidery.

Adobe Photoshop (.PSD): We will accept layered .psd to be prepared for print. Artwork created in Photoshop must meet or exceed 300 ppi (pixels-per-inch) when rendered at the actual imprint size. Raster elements and art files must be sized to 100% or larger than the actual imprint size.

Acrobat (.PDF):  PDF files created from vector files must retain the editing capabilities of the program used to create them. PDF files must meet the minimum requirements for raster and vector art files as outlined by Goodtimes Mfg.

Other File Types (.JPG, .PNG, .BMP, .TIF, .GIF)  We will accept raster files, but please note that these file types will require additional work to be done to achieve print ready art. This will cause additional fees to be added to your order. These files must be sized at 100% or larger than the actual imprint size and should be 300 dpi at full print size. 

Raster : Image is pixilated and can not 

be re-sized without losing quality

Vector : Clean lines can be scaled to 

any size without losing resolution

Other Requirements

Color space: Please convert all colors in your artwork to spot colors and label them with PMS (Pantone Matching System) numbers. Art files should be saved using Pantone Solid Uncoated colors. By utilizing PMS color you are assured accurate color results.

All raster elements must be submitted in the original color space (RGB or CMYK). We recommend full color graphics be in RGB color space. If your artwork was created in CMYK color space, do not convert to RGB color.

Text: All type must be converted to outlines or packaged with the file.  If the file contains any linked (placed) raster images, these images must meet our minimum requirement (300 ppi) for resolution when rendered at 100% actual imprint size and must be sent with the original vector file.

Print Size: Our maximum print size is 15″W x 15″H. We size to industry standards and your design will shown at the standard size appropriate for the placement and garment. If special sizing or placement is required please be sure to let us know when placing your order.

Art Charges: Artwork which is not print ready will require extra art time. Pre-press time will be charged at $60 per hour unless quoted otherwise. Upon receiving artwork, Goodtimes Mfg. will give an estimated amount of pre-press time beyond 15 minutes.